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Version 2 She skillfully wove insights into the French culture, as well as her passion for art, to enliven an otherwise pedantic process for learning a foreign language. Along the way, Pat raised her two boys, David, DVM, and Michael, DVM, to become well-rounded and upstanding young men. They and their spouses, Shona, BVMS, and Carissa, VTS, are accomplished specialists in veterinary medicine. Pat adored and took great pride in her two grandchildren, Abigail, 4, and Jamison, 1, who live with their parents, David and Shona, in the far-off city of Perth, Western Australia. Watching them, as they grow up at such a great distance, has presented a real challenge. Fortunately, the commitment of their parents, coupled with modern technology, helped to mitigate her frustration at being so far away. After retiring from Centerville High School in 2007, Pat reinvented herself, avidly pursing the art she had so long studied, admired and taught. When Donald retired in 2009, they decided to return to the Warren area, where they had grown up together. Consequently, in 2010, they moved to their family farm, near Parkman, where Pat traded painting canvases with pastels for creating rainbows with flowers, in her many splendid gardens. She is survived by a nephew and several nieces, as well as sisters-in-law, Kareen (Thomas) Klier, Monica and Mary Alice (Ralph) Meacham. Madame will be fondly remembered by her innumerable friends, colleagues and students.